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Friday, February 17, 2012

Me obsessed? Are you serious?

It has been "implied" to me, that I can be a little obsessed with some things in my life. I prefer to call it PASSIONATE. I've found that most of us that love what we do, are very passionate about those things that we choose to get involved with or let into our lives. Since I got my Schacht Side Kick,  I have done very little knitting but lots of spinning. This is seriously something that I have wanted to do for years. I still love my drop spindle and have some really nice fiber sitting here waiting to get spin on it. But, I'm so loving the learning and connection that happens as you learn something new.

One of the things I've just finished is this beautiful Ashland Bay Merino/Tussah. It's called Sea Mist. It was amazing to spin. So far in my vast 3 weeks of spinning I found this to be the easiest and most comfortable to spin. I will post some pics of the the finished product when it fully dries.

When I started working at the Spinnery I got to put out all the roving. HUGE boxes of roving was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I got to touch and weigh and get to know all the fiber that we carry. It only fed the desire to get a wheel. :-) It also worked on that "list" of things I want to try or have. Each of these colors were on the list. They are all Merino. 1) Cafe 2. Mocha (Yes, I have a Starbucks addiction) 3. Sandalwood. I have finished spinning the Cafe and Mocha and will ply them in the next couple of days. The Sandalwood will get spun after that.

Remember the Life Is Orange And White project? It's finished!!! It's actually the first yarn that I plied on the wheel. Plying on a spinning wheel is so much fun. I've plied with a drop spindle but it's going to take me a little while to get use to plying on a wheel. My son is really excited that I have it finished up since I promised him back in 2010 to knit him a hat when it was finished.

Personally I have to say that this week was rough. Both my kids were sick, and then Gunther got sick and I thought that I was going to have to rush him to the vet. But, thank heavens he got better rather quickly. The kids are getting there and doing a little better every day. Then it hit me. Here I am getting ready to teach my workshop on Saturday, and I have no voice and feel like I was beat up. The good thing is I am feeling better this morning, so lets hope I just stay on this roll I have going. (Though this is good opportunity to catch up on my knitting) There are so many ill around here. It's that time of the year. They are even closing schools because so many of kids are sick.

It's time to wrap this up and head out the door for breakfast. I hope you have a great day, that you find your passion and commit to it. Allow it to take you where it wants. You know there is no limit to greatness when love what you do.

Be Blessed.

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