Smoky Mountain Colors

Friday, October 01, 2010


This morning on the way back from getting my car repaired I decided to cheer myself up with the purchase of some roving or some delicious fiber of some kind. So I stopped in at Smoky Mountain Spinnery. When I pulled in Nancy, the owner was putting out her fall decorations. Note: around here, Fall is a BIG deal and every shop, hotel and store decorates for Fall and puts out Fall scenes almost like Christmas decor. Anyway, inside I got to again walk through and feel all those fabulous fibers, as if I had never been there before. ;-) As we talked she brought up again me knitting some samples for her shop. Since I have some time now I jumped on the chance to work with some yarn that I have never worked with. She handed me a pattern, 3 hanks of yarn all from Farmhouse Yarns, LLC, and out the door I went. Happy, excited and ready to toss everything aside to start knitting with this yarn. LOL. I will post pictures when I'm finished. Today was a good day. Smile.

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Diana said...

I can't wait to see what you're knitting!