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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Feeling like YUCK

Last week my daughter came in room and she looked horrible. You know that look you get when you are sick. Well her symptoms lasted about 5 days. Typical cold for her. Then Thursday afternoon I started feeling "funny." A little sore throat but mostly an uncomfortable feeling in my lungs. I knew I had caught it too when that feeling hit. For some reason when I catch something it always goes to my lungs. So Friday I woke up to having no voice and the yucky feeling you have when you got a cold. Today is a little better though. I still have no voice, but I'm moving around pretty good and I'm hungry.

Hopefully I can get some knitting done today, because I didn't feel good enough to even pick up needles yesterday.

Have a great weekend and stay healthy!


Mouse said...

Ugh.. I know exactly the Creeping Crud you are talking about- our whole family has had it and we've been spreading it around amongst ourselves for the last week. It spreads like wildfire too so we've been avoiding other folks. Great, since my husband just started a new job AND got sick in the same week. *sigh*. Glad you're doing better.

Katherine Josh said...

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