Smoky Mountain Colors

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall in the Smoky Mountains

This morning I woke to the wonderful sound of light rain. I knew it was gonna be a great day. I've always loved waking to the sound of rain, knitting to the sound of rain, and well just about doing anything to the sound of rain. Then I got to get out in it for a little while. The leaves here are just starting to take on their new colors. With the leaves being wet and shiny they are just beautiful. In a few weeks they will be taking my breath away.

Waking up to all this has inspired me to knit as much as possible today. I have a rocking chair by my window that is my new favorite place to knit. I can open that window, listen to the rain and knit myself into a peaceful and wonderful place.

How about you? Do you have an inspirational place to knit? What part of your surroundings inspire you to get creative?

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