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Monday, October 12, 2009

Well This Is a Switch

Photo by Saundra McBride

You know, I don't think that I know one knitter that has just one project going. All of us have several things on needles. We categorize them different ways but I know mine fall into the "want to, REALLY want to, and then the I just HAVE TO, make this. :-) You know what I mean? Actually I think it's more like, I can knit this and not pay attention, I can knit this and be somewhat distracted and then the I have to have TOTAL concentration.

The reason I'm bring this up is because I looked around the area where I knit and then double checked my projects on Ravelry and noticed that I have a large amount of projects on the needles and what surprised me is that I don't feel pressured to finish any of them. LOL. Usually when this awareness hits, I'm instantly hit by the wave of "finish these before you start anything else." (which is usually followed by, "now I don't want to finish any of these" LOL)

But, this morning I was knitting on one of the newly cast on projects and was thinking about what these projects say about me. First off I think that they reflect my love for knitting, my love for yarn, my love for creating, and my love for new and exciting things. That last one is probably true in every area of my life.

Lately life outside of knitting has been on the other side of the happiness. I'm not saying that it isn't needed. Heavens know that growth and depth of a person comes from facing the surprise attacks. But, I looked at these unfinished projects and seen that they are one of the things that not just brings me joy, they bring choice, they bring control, they bring escape, they bring personal time, they bring good memories, they bring healing, they bring an opportunity for me to really think about the person I am knitting it for, and they bring what I need at that time. Knitting and all it brings into my life is the antibiotic to my world of germs.

So I'm interested in finding out....... what do your unfinished projects say to you?

Blessed be.

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