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Sunday, October 18, 2009



While I was flipping around the patterns on Ravelry I spotted something very upsetting. Someone has stolen my photo of the purple flower and is using it as their ID picture. Those of you on Ravelry know that when you pull up the patterns, there are the designers listed on the right hand side. Well there it was. And whats really bad is that I had all ready clicked on changing the page when I seen it, so I can't go back and confront the person.

So I will say this. The two floral pictures below, belong to ME. I took them, I Photoshopped them and felt comfortable enough to share them. Just like any other photo on the internet, if you take it, you have ripped off the original owner (ME).

To those who ignore copyright, I would seriously be watching out for karma.

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Mouse said...

UNCOOL! TOTALLY UNCOOL! I'll keep my eye out in forums for that photo (which I will admit that I just downloaded for a desktop wallpaper) and will PM you if I see who has it.