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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Spring, I love it!

Even though it's taking me a little while to get back into my routine here in Georgia, I am so enjoying Spring. Everything is new and fresh and the air smells good. We've had some good rains and the blooming trees are fantastic this year.

On the knitting scene, I've just about finished my Two at a Time TOFUTsies. about another inch of the leg and then the cuff. I really love how these socks feel on. Can't wait to get them on. They will be great for Spring.

I also have started a Friendship/Prayer shawl for a friend of mine. She's only 30 years old and is facing some serious breast surgery. They have to do a couple of experimental surgeries before they can say she has or doesn't have cancer. It's crazy what these doctors put people through. Anyway I am making her the Triangle Entrelac Shawls
by Diane Conroy .

This is a close up, but I am making it pretty big so she can wrap up in it and snuggle. I'm using Jo-Ann's Sensations Rainbow Classic in what they call Red/Turq Multi.

While I was in Tennessee, I exchanged some yarn that I had bought too much of for something totally out of my color scheme. I've been really trying to get out of ruts, so I picked this....

If you haven't tried knitting with Heritage, you should try it. I think you will enjoy the experience.
Blessed Be

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