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Monday, March 23, 2009

Back Home


It's been awhile... again. But it's not because I'm bored with blogging. Back in January I got a call from my mom she needed to have another surgery. This time it was for a knee replacement. She needed to have her other knee done. So I've been in Tennessee since January caring for mom again.

Tennessee has turned into my second home, though at some point I would love for it to be my first home. ;-) It was beautiful watching Spring come to the Smoky Mountains. I made a lot of new friends and got to spend time in my favorite yarn/spinning and weaving store. I have some pictures that I will be putting up showing the snow on the mountains. If you are ever in Gatlinburg, TN. please stop in and see Nancy at the Smoky Mountain Spinnery. She carries some of the most beautiful yarn and roving. You will not be disappointed. In fact you may want to just stand there and take in all the beautiful colors.

While I was up there I got to work on a couple of projects. One was my first pair of socks for my son. I totally made them to fit his feet and they turned out a lot nicer than I expected for my first "man" socks. LOL. The details are on Ravelry. I also worked on a blanket that I started some time back. I keep it there at mom's so I have something to work on. Also I got to buy yarn! Some of it I have posted in my stash on Ravelry.

I'm hoping that over the next couple of days I can add more pictures and totally update my blog. I miss blogging and I miss all the wonderful replies and the fantastic knitters.
Blessed Be

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