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Sunday, April 05, 2009

He's turning 20!!!

One of the crazy things I started when my kids were little was if a birthday fell on a Monday, (which isn't a very fun day for a birthday) we would celebrate all weekend. Well, GT's birthday is Monday (tomorrow the 6th) and we have been celebrating. Yesterday we went to Longhorn Steak house and had a great time and great food. Today we went to the King Tut exhibit in Atlanta

It was a wonderful experience and we had a lot of fun. I stood there in front of this huge statue and just could not believe how old it was, how beautiful it was and that it was actually in his tomb. There wasn't any part of it that wasn't amazing. If you ever have a opportunity to visit anything like this please do it will be well worth it. When we finished we headed off to Wolfgang Puck's Express Restaurant. Dang they serve a huge amount of food. But it was good and I have a doggie bag to snack on tonight!

Knitting wise, since I didn't' drive I got to knit in the car, so I finally started the cuff on the TOFUTsies. I know that wearing those will be a lot of fun. I looked at all the socks I have queue on Ravelry I have no idea which pattern I'm going to pick. Probably what I'll end up doing is looking at my stash and letting the yarn decide.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Blessed Be

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