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Thursday, January 01, 2009


From my heart to yours: I hope everyone has a very blessed New Year and that your lives are filled with love, that you are equipped to face everything that comes your way in 2009 and that experience joy beyond your wildest dreams.

On a quick knitting note. If you have seen my Ravelry page. You'll know how how excited I have been about these socks and how I couldn't wait to get them done. It's been a long time since I went nuts over a pattern, but I really like this pattern and the yarn I used. Knit Picks Felici turned out to be wonderful. Once I hand washed them and blocked the sock, that yarn got so soft. I love how it feels on my feet. So below are the finished pics.

Oh I have one more thing, I've never made socks from the toes up before. (Yes, again I'm the last knitter on earth who has not done toe up socks or done a short row heel,) but this morning I did the cast on for my first pair. Pictures of those are coming.

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Anonymous said...

Love your socks..and hey I have never done toe up socks either.. I love knitting my top down socks!