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Monday, December 29, 2008

Stuff and more stuff

Can you believe that it's almost 2009? WOW. Again another year has flown by. Actually I'm looking forward to 2008 being over and getting a new beginning in 2009. But for now lets talk knitting ;-)

Since the picture below was taken I've just about finished the toes on my Monkey socks. Yes, they are my first pair, but they won't be my last. I love making these socks. If you haven't made these socks before OR it's been awhile since you made a pair, you have to get these on your needles.

And this, well this is the beginning of Bamboozled. It's a wonderful headband, and just the project that I needed right now. Something that takes my attention and yet I can knit for 10 minutes put it down and feel like I got my knitting fix for a little while. LOL. Click on the above link and check it out. I've seen several in all different types of yarn and it looks great. I just really needed to grab this purple yarn and do something with it. It's not my favorite brand of yarn, but this color is where I'm at right now.

On a more personal level. I've posted several times about my mom and her health issues. Yesterday I got a call from her that she has seriously injured her left knee (the one that should have been replaced years ago) and is pretty much confined to her couch. She has managed to get enough help from her neighbors until I can get up there (Sevierville, TN.) next week and take her to the doctor. She has pretty much got her mind set to going ahead and getting the surgery done which means for me another 2 months away from my home, family, dogs and life here in Georgia. Since I've been looking for a home up there anyway, I guess that I need to step it up and maybe not be so picky about what I'm looking for. Anyway, please keep my family in your thoughts and I'll keep you posted.

I hope and pray that each person who reads my blog will have a wonderful New Year, and that 2009 will be filled with opportunity for you and your loved ones, and that you will find love and peace in every endeavor. May everything your set your hands to do be blessed.

aka Knitting Satori

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MSbeckey said...

Love your monkeys! Just finished my first pair and I love wearing them.
Happy New Year and happy knitting.
: )