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Monday, September 29, 2008

Pictures for you

Well I thought since I only have a couple of things on the needles right now, I'd get a few pictures of them up on the blog.

These socks are going to be sooooo nice when they are finished. I'm using Lion Brand's new Sock Ease yarn in Toffee. We'll see how the yarn wears pretty soon. LOL. The ribbing is a 4 stitch rib, with the typical 2 knit, and then the Moss stitch, that you have to see pretty much up close to enjoy, but I think it may become my favorite ribbing.

The next pictures are of a project I started out of frustration. For some reason knitting wasn't relaxing me so I got the drop spindle out a few weeks back and started hand spinning.. Then I decided that I wanted some yarn that was thick and thin, for the up and coming cooler weather. So I started spinning whatever I reached in and got. ;-) And this is what it's become. I'm naming it Neapolitan, since it reminds me of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate.

OMG, Ravelry! I know I'm a late bloomer and all that, but I have to say that I could seriously waste a lot of time there. LOL. I'm still getting setting things up and looking around but I hope this coming weekend that I can get a lot done on it. Keeping track of projects, needles, etc will be so nice.

I have one more picture for you. Everyone knows that my daughter is a Pastry Chef. (don't we all love her? ) But over the weekend she turned 22 and did her own birthday cake. Now let me explain a little about Sara. Since she was about 2 years old her favorite holiday has been Halloween. When she was 3 or 4 she wanted me to change her birthday to Halloween, so you can see where we are going here. ;-)

Blessed Be

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