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Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Ravelry

The late bloomer to Ravelry here, loves it. I'm still working on setting it all up, but I've found all kinds of good stuff. Today at my morning knitting class I'll be telling all the ladies about it.

I've started another shawl to give away. This time I know exactly who it's going to. Many times I start a project and as I'm knitting on it, the person comes to mind, but after about 5 stitches I knew. There is a lady who lives close to my mom that is having some very serious health problems, and she has been on my mind so much. So the shawl will go to her. Here is a picture of the start of it. The first two pictures are of the right side, but the third picture is of what the patterns says is the wrong side. I really like how the "wrong side" looks. There is one other thing about this shawl that is nice. The pattern it's self knits up nicely and is easy to remember.

Well I'm off to knitting class, I have two new ladies coming to it this morning. I can't wait!

Blessed Be

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Diana said...

Great that you're on Ravelry. I'm still working on my stuff there, too. I'll look for you.