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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Knitting, Dog Shows and other stuff

It's true, I haven't fallen off the end of the earth yet. This year has been something else so far, but I can say that finally life is beginning to be much happier. Though I'm twice as busy, I am happy and getting some knitting done, and going to dog shows and taking charge of areas of my life that I had let slack or thought was ok.

Anyway, I've got some projects going on. The yarn below is Kid Merino from Crystal Palace. It's for a shawl that I'm making for my daughter. The shawl is called Milady's Shawl, designed by Dee Jones for
Alpine Meadow Yarns.

A little while back I was not really intending on buying any yarn I was just looking and there on
Handpainted Yarn's website were these two beautiful lace weight yarns. They just somehow got into my cart and ended up in my mailbox. LOL.

And here is what I'm making. It's a variation of the Feather and Fan shawl. It's hard to see because of the wood background. But when it's finished I'll take a much better picture for you. We've been joking around about how these are the very colors of my new pup, T.

Details and a better idea of the colors.

You know I can't let this one go. LOL. Today is Gunther's 2nd birthday. Him and T have celebrate all day. We've been to PetCo, Starbucks and Petsmart. It's been a big day. I'll have more pictures tomorrow on
Gunther's blog. Gunther, GT and I just got back on Saturday from a dog show in Greenville, SC. We have a great time inspite of my mistake. LOL.

It really feels good to be in a place in my life where I am feeling centered again. Where most of the people who made my life a living hell the first part of the year are long gone and dealt with. It's been an interesting spiritual ride, many lessons reviewed and new ones learned. But I'm just grateful for today. Grateful is such an overlooked feeling. It can be the entrance to such peace.


jackie said...

I love the way that the colours dance in the shawl! And that picture of your sweethearts is just too cute! Like they are checking out each others hats.

Hockey Mom said...

I agree with Jackie - "is this thing on straight?" Hee hee.

Good to see you're doing well. The knitting is looking beautiful!

Erin said...

Gratitude for what is, in the present moment, is a wonderful, peaceful feeling. I completely agree with you there!

Your two dogs are just so cute together. Happy Birthday to Gunther!

~~R~~ said...

You have great taste in yarn colors I love the brownish gold yarn(I think that is the color) & the colors in your shawl are gorgeous

MollyKnits said...

Lovely shawl.

Happy Birthday Gunther! ;)

Debbie said...

Love the doggy photo!!! totally rocks

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Gunther!!! They are so cute. It's hard to believe that Gunther is already 2.