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Sunday, August 05, 2007

YO Scarf Pattern

YO Scarf

Materials: Size US10 needles
Yarn: 262 yards of thin Ribbon Yarn (I used Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee, Topkapi, in Tarsus)


Cast On 17 loosely

Rows 1-10: Knit
Row 11: Knit 1 [YO 3 times, K1], continue across.
Row 12: K1, [drop 3 YOs from previous row, K1] continue across.
Row 13-14: Knit
Row 15: K1, [YO 2 times, K1], continue across.
Row 16: K1, [drop 2 YOs from previous row, K1] continue across.
Row 17-18 Knit
Repeat Rows 11-18 until desired length.
Knit 8 Rows
Bind Off loosely.

Hope you enjoy!

Update: please email me if you find a problem with the pattern. So far my students haven't but, typing it out I may have missed something in spite of the 10 times i read it over. ;-)


Erin said...

Thanks for the pattern! I think I have the perfect yarn for that!

Anonymous said...

Yep another pattern I have added to my to do list.. Thanks a bunch it will be great for all my ribbon yarn.. Christmas gifts here I come..

Knit Diva said...

I was just given some ribbon yarn the other day. The pattern will be great for the yarn.. Thanks for the pattern... Ü