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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Several times before I have written in the past about knitting for charities. Even recently it's been talked about. I, like many knitters feel pretty strong about giving, sharing, donating, whatever you want to call it. Actually knitters are always knitting for someone. (we are just made that way). Well, this week some thing pretty exciting happened to my morning knitting class. We gained 2 new students, one knitter and one crochet-er. Both learned their basics from a gathering related to a Prayer Shawl Ministry. They both are working on beautiful shawls. Before I started blogging I had made shawls and lap throws for a prayer ministry that has since dissolved. (the facility closed unfortunately) Anyway, I know all ready that my two new students will bring a wonderful energy to the class and inspire us to always stay mindful while we are knitting.

Tomorrow pictures of what been going on......

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Diana said...

New students, new energy. Meeting new people and sharing your art... you gotta love it!