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Sunday, January 21, 2007

At last, a few pictures

As promised I am actually posting with some pictures. The first picture is of the Aran Cable Twist Sock (scroll down her blog and you won't miss it) that I am crazy about. Yes, I have mentioned that I am not fond of the yarn I picked to make this sock. BUT, I was impatient and couldn't wait to start it, and so I grabbed yarn out of my stash. Trust me I am all ready looking for the "perfect" yarn for my next pair. I have to say that I haven't had this much fun making a pair of socks in a long time. I kind of got into a sock rut and realized I needed to break out of it, and this pattern has done it. I think you will enjoy this pattern too. "Try it, you'll like it" LOL.

Now the next picture is what I have on needles now and what is to come. I was going nuts needing to play with wool, so I took my leftovers and started a tote bag to felt. What is different about it for me is that I am using up the yarn and where it runs out is where I start a new one. It maybe in a middle of a row or at the end, but it's a little bit of a change for me. I have to admit, I REALLY want to end all the rounds evenly. LOL. But, I'm doing pretty good.

The two balls of Debbie Bliss I just ordered from Elann for the Project Compassion. I wanted a really soft nice DK weight for the squares they are doing and This yarn fit the bill. Plus, check out Elann's prices. You will jump in and order bunches too!.

So there you go, pictures, links and updates, it doesn't get better than that. LOL. Blessed Be.


Anonymous said...

That is going to be one funky cool bag when you are done. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.. I'm Luvin' those sock colors!!!

Erin said...

Don't you just love when you get to knit something you're really excited about? Don't worry, you'll find the perfect yarn for those socks, but in the meantime you can just enjoy the pattern!