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Friday, January 26, 2007

When Ever Bag

Are you ready for a couple of pre felted pictures? LOL. I am just about 2 rows from finishing and I thought I'd get some pre felted pictures. Right now I'm planning on purchasing handles for it.

I am hoping that the random changes in yarn will add a little something to the bag after it's felted. Of course there is the possibility that after the felting you won't be able to tell. LOL. That would be funny. But this is just a fun bag anyway.

Some private life news. I am only sharing this because I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers. My EX, is acting up again. Without going into all the long ugly details, he is stirring once again and it making life disruptive and up setting for me and especially the kids. We will be fine but it looks like we might have to go through some more ugly before we get there. Life is just like that sometimes.

Blessed Be


Hockey Mom said...

The bag looks wonderful! Can't wait to see it all felted.

I hope things settle down soon. Don't worry about writing what you feel, we're all happy to listen and be here for you.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I just wish we can get out a shovel and beat a man over the head.. but well..where would we bury him is the question.. *lol*.. just dont let it get to you things like that will pass..

I love love love your bag its gorgeous can't wait to see it felted..thats the scary and fun part.

Knit Diva said...

I love the pre-felted bag!!! I can't wait to see it felted...

LeAnne said...

If you want to email me privately, I can talk to you about least just someone to talk to.