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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Twisted Neck Scarves

While I was surfin' around the knitting patterns I found a really cute twisted neck scarf, but it wasn't something that my new knitting students could do, but it sparked some inspiration. So with a lot of modification I started knitting this week and made three different twisted neck scarves. The first one is with a bulky yarn, the second is made of a ribbon and eyelash blend, and the third is made from Lion Brand Yarn's Moonlight Mohair. I really like how they turned out and can't wait to see how my students do with them.

Bulky yarn

Ribbon and Eyelash blend

Moonlight Mohair

The other thing that has kept me pretty busy this week is getting everything ready for our trip to Tennessee. It's been awhile since I went and seen my mom and so off we go Tuesday morning. (we are leaving too early to even write down in this post). We will be back the following Sunday and then it's time to plan Thanksgiving. Yeah! Anyway, I'm taking three projects with me to work on and of course I'm planning on taking the 2 socks on circulars class. While I'm thinking about it, thanks to those of you who left me comments or emailed me about all the information available online about 2 socks on circulars.

So I hope while I'm gone that you all have a wonderful week and that your knitting needles are blessed with lots of knitting. I will be taking my computer with me of course but I may not have time to post. (but I will be reading yours)

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Mouse said...

Cool scarves! Are they knit in the round twisted or are they knit flat and then sewn to create a Mobius strip? Just curious..

Diana said...

Have fun in Tennessee. Is Gunther going with you?

The scarves are cute!!

Knit Diva said...

I love these scarves... I would love to know the pattern... What a perfect gift for the Holidays..hehe

Have a Wonderful and Safe Trip!!!! Ü