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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Finished Socks

Here they are finally finished! I did something different with the heels on this pair of socks I did the Eye of the Partridge Heel, which is an option with this sock, and I loved it. It gives you a really nice heel. You just have to try it.

The Eye of the Partridge Heel

Row 1: Sl 1 Purl wise, *K 1, Sl 1 Knit wise, repeat from * until last stitch, K 1

Row 2: Sl 1 Purl wise, Purl across until last stitch, K 1

Row 3: Sl 2 Purl wise, * K 1, Sl 1 repeat from * until last 2 stitches, K 2

Row 4: Sl 1 Purl wise, Purl across until last stitch K 1

Repeat the 4 rows 7 times for a total of 28 rows. Then repeat rows 1 and 2 once more. Now it's time for the heel turn of your choice. Posted by Picasa


Diana said...

The socks turned out great. Love the colorway. And I do like the Eye of the Partridge Heel!

Beth said...

Your socks look very nice! I think I have some of that yarn in my stash. It's the first sock yarn I bought and I still haven't used it. In fact, I still haven't finished my first pair of socks. :)Maybe in a month or so...

Anonymous said...

Love the socks.. GREAT JOB!!.. I'm still having a second sock syndrome here.. *sighs* I'll get to them eventually.

Hockey Mom said...

They look great. Never tried the EOP heel, always did the standard *slpw, k1* then slpw P across. Next pair!

Knit Diva said...

Yeah for the Socks!!! They are lovely!!! I will have to try out that heel.. I started on another pair of socks...hehe