Smoky Mountain Colors

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hi from Tennessee!

Though I just have a few minutes this morning I wanted to ask for your suggestion concerning a spam issue here on my blog. The past two mornings I have checked my blog only to find that there is a comment posted that is nothing but spam. If any of you have had this problem I would like to know how you stopped it. I have deleted the comments but I'm hoping that I can tighten security up without making it too hard for my friends to post.

I'll post pictures of the trip when I get home. I hope you all are doing well, and thanks for your help.


Mouse said...

You can update the spam filter on Blogger to include all sorts of words and phrases. You can even make it possible to be unable to post anything with a www link in it here in the comments.

Diana said...

I haven't been spammed in quite a while; it's probably been over a year. Sorry, but I have no suggestions. I know it's frustrating. How's Gunther?

PlumpKnitter said...

I have had this done twice in the past two weeks I just deleted the comment.. I dont know what else to do I am hoping it was just a gilch since normally I dont have the problem of spammers.