Smoky Mountain Colors

Saturday, September 09, 2006

First Pillow Done!

I finished the first pillow. It actually came together pretty well. My picture didn't turn out too good, but you get the idea. LOL. I put a 5 stitch I-cord around it and now I like it so much I may have trouble parting with it. LOL. No actually this is going to a good cause so I hope that it brings in lots of money. Now to finish another one by Wednesday. Posted by Picasa


jackie said...

very nice indeed! I have no trouble believing that you are having a hard time saying good bye. I'd even be tempted if my kids didn't think of pillows as projectiles or building materials.

Anonymous said...

It looks great!!..It will raise lots of money..great job..

Diana said...

The pillow is adorable. I, too, would have trouble parting with it!