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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A few things

I was asked to take a picture of the back of the Irish Hiking Scarf, so here it is. ;-) Though this scarf is not reversible, I think the back of it is really pretty.

Also in the works are my Great Dane blocks. I have finished a few more of them and to be honest I don't think that I'm going to get the afghan done by the 13th. With 2 more blocks and then the borders, then finishing the back, etc I just don't see the 13th as the finish date. So I think what I'm going to do is take some of the squares and make pillows then do the afghan for the Spring Specialty Show.

The square below is a Mantle marked Great Dane. My friend Connie has the most beautiful Mantle female. The markings are very similar to this.

So this is what I've been doing lately, knitting instead of blogging. LOL. I promise I will do better. ROTFL. Posted by Picasa


Diana said...

Those blocks will make wonderful pillows!

jackie said...

I'm quite impressed!

I saw a HUGE great dane a few weeks ago at market. He was white with black markings and from where I was standing, we could not see his head or tail. I pointed him out to my daughter and said "Look! Someone brought their calf for a walk downtown!" ( his marking being very similar to the look of the Holstein cows that my Dad has) He was so large that she really thought that it was a calf until we headed over for a closer look!

ErLeCa said...

I love those Great Dane blocks! They're awesome!

Knit Diva said...

LOVE the Blocks!!!! Either way, they will be adored... Ü