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Friday, March 03, 2006

I've been in a slump, but I'm excited again!

Sometimes, even though things are going well, there just isn't the spark in what you are doing. No, remember I'm divorced, so I'm not talking about marriage. LOL. The past week I have been that way with my knitting. My students are doing wonderful. I am so excited for them, but my knitting is a BIG BORE! So I placed an order to Patternworks and it arrived today. I ordered the Plymouth Yarn Design pattern for felting vases and then I ordered their Galway Yarn in Sage and Black to make the one that is in the back. Then I had to order the "gadget." The Electronic Row Counter Plus. Oh this is such a gadget persons toy. LOL. It maintains 3 separate counts, it adds and subtracts and it is just plan fun the mess with. ;-)

Another thing that I did that I'm really looking forward to doing this, is join PlumpKnits KAL. It's called Ohhh Bag Me. Right now, I'm a little bored with my felted bag. I'm just knitting back and forth and back and forth, YAWN. But this KAL came at a great time and I'm motivated to finish this bag so I can start the My Constant Companion Bag in the Knitter's Stash. Lets add there that I have one student who has finished this bag and it's so beautiful, (we all have went nuts over her bag) that it has inspired myself and another friend of mine to make one. (or two or three).

I'm still knitting a long on the Irish Hiking Scarf. With all intentions to finish it this week, I'm not going to hold my breath. It's the knitting that I do when I'm sitting in the car waiting for one of the kids. Who knows I may just finish it to get it off the needles. And I had kind of a crappy reaction to the baby blanket I'm knitting. The lady that I was originally making it for seen me working on it the other day, and I didn't tell her I was making it for her, which I'm glad I did, because she hates it. She hated the yarn and the pattern. LOL. She said that several ladies have knitted and crocheted her baby blankets and now she has too many. So that's cool. I know 2 other girls having babies in the next few months, that I'm sure one of them will like it.

So that's the update. Classes are going great, Gunther is great, the kids are great, my knitting is getting great. But, the best part of today is that it's FRIDAY! So I'm out of here, off to Starbucks with the kids and Gunther and to plan out our weekend. I hope everyone that reads my blog has a wonderful and safe time this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

You know it seems alot of knitters I have talked to have just been in a slump lately myself included and I do think as knitters we need to jazz things up every once in while so we dont get Bored..hmm maybe I shall offer a prize for the first one to complete a felted bag with the required green *winks* does that inspire you to click those needles faster? Of course I am still trying to inspire myself to keep knitting hmmmm do you think it is something going around attacking us knitters?? *lol*

Noeysmommy said...

I've been bored lately too. Started a whole bunch of projects but haven't finished one yet! I joined your Frappr map...thanks for the invite!! Hope I did it right!

Cathy said...

I was in a little slump last week. I just didn't want to. Which was weird. But, I'm over it now ;)

I'm glad you're inspired again.

Cheryl said...

I made the MY CONSTANT COMPANION. It was the first Felted bag I made. It is super simple, but it took me forever to was like 20" of circular stockinette. The girls in my knitting group teased me about the reason it was called MY CONSTANT COMPANION is because I always had it with me!!!. Haha!!