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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Your Help Is Needed

Today I was at a dog show held outside. Here in Georgia it was in the 60's with a cool breeze blowing. The Bradford Pear trees have bloomed and are beginning to show signs of leaves, the Spring bulbs are up, and I could go on and on about the beautiful blooms on the trees. Anyway, at the dog show (Gunther was not participating this time) I met a lady and her daughter. Her daughter is 18 and confined to a wheelchair. She has the best attitude for being put in that chair by a young, inexperienced driver that made a bad choice. So, like I mentioned, the dog show was outside, one minute she was hot the other she was freezing. So I thought I'd make her a shrug. I'll be seeing her again in about 3 weeks at the next show. This is where I need your help. She wears a 2x. Are there any shrug patterns out there in a 2x that are simple enough to be made in a short period of time? If you know of any please email me the link or leave the link in the comment area.

Thank you!

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hunnybunny said...

I don't know if this will help but I am in the process of making this shrug
It's only listed to XL, but looking at your skill level I would think that you could alter it. It's a really easy, quick knit.
It's not loading for me right now, but I would check too. I don't know if you go on there but it is so helpful, I'm sure someone there will be able to answer you in minutes. Thank you for doing a good thing, we need more people to do the right thing it seems like it's a lost art sometimes. Good Luck!