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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Monday - Wednesday WOW

Here it is Thursday all ready, but this time I'm not going to say the usual "Where did this week go? How did it become Thursday all ready?" No, this time I know where every minute went. LOL. And even though I 'm exhausted it's a good exhausted.

Monday I had a knitting lesson to give to a lady that forever will be someone that I admire and strive to be like. She started her first "big" project, a baby blanket. We had the best time during her lesson. The 2 hours we are knitting goes by so fast and every minute is so productive. Besides she LOVES big dogs and so we knit, and talk about Gunther and the dogs she has had. On the same day that my Shepherd passed, her dog passed so we also share a sad day. Then the next 5 hours were dealing with not so nice people and running around paying bills. etc. Monday night was my knitting class. It was the pick-me-up that I needed. OMG we knitted, laughed and knitted some more. These ladies have jumped into knitting head first. They are running full speed a head with their knitting and definitely keep me on my toes. Not only are they wonderful ladies they are turning out to be great knitters. Their work is beautiful. So being around them gave me what I needed to get through the rest of the evening. Finally I was home by 10:45pm. I had left that morning at 9am.

Tuesday, Sara took the second part of her GED. She was a nervous mess. I took knitting with me to work on. I am two rows short of finishing the first side of my felted bag, and I'm about 12" from finishing the Irish Hiking Scarf. When Sara was done with her test, she has a major headache and so we came home, she rested and I cleaned. Yes, I actually cleaned, but it was only because I had gotten so much knitting done. LOL.

Wednesday, Oh my gosh what a day. My lessons started at 10am and my last student finished at 2:30pm. All private lessons. What fun. Now I have one student/friend who I tease about doing extreme knitting. She is on the fast track. She started in November and has done just about everything. She learns so quickly. Not only does she take lessons, but she figures things out on her own. The only thing like most of us that gets in her way, are really poor written knitting instructions. LOL. She has made a long sweater coat, and the sewing instructions to it are TERRIBLE. I had a hell of a time with them myself. She brought her son with her and so we went over to the kids section of Barnes and Nobles and knitted. It was great. I had a wonderful time.

Then after her was a new student. Her grandmother had called me a few weeks back asking if I could teach her grand daughter who was flying in from Boston for a visit. I said sure. Her grand daughter is 6 years old. Words cannot describe what a wonderful time I had with her and her mom. What sweet people. They both learned. She all ready knew how to do the knit stitch because their neighbor at home had taught her that much, so I got to show them how to cast on, how to make sure you don't add a stitch at the beginning of the row, bind off, and then we talked about yarns and needles and knitting accessories. Let me tell you, this little girl was really something, she was so mature for her age and so into knitting. Her and her mom are so sweet and I hope that we can stay in touch. When they come back to Georgia we are suppose to get together so I can see what she has made. I got home in time to take Sara to work. I finally had a chance to clean out and organize my knitting bag and the bag that I use for classes.

It was so good ending Wednesday with teaching a 6 year old how to knit. I was so tired and it put the life right back in me. Now I purposely didn't include the bad crap that I had to dodge, and the crazy people I had to handle because with all these great experiences the crap just took up my time, but didn't leave a lasting impression.

Now I am leaving for my Thursday morning class, I can't wait to see what happens there. ;-)


ErLeCa said...

It certainly does sound like you were busy. At least the good things are what's going to stand out in your mind even though there were bad things.

Diana said...

I am envious. Your weeks was busy but sounds wonderful. I on the other hand haven't even had much time to do blogging. Hopefully I'll get caught up. I always enjoy your blog. It lifts me up!