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Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday's Gift

This morning when I came into the kitchen to get my coffee I looked out and seen this. It's a promise, a gift, that our cold weather is just about over. (jumping up and down with happiness) Though we are suppose to have some mixed rain/sleet and possibly snow in the GA mountains, it will only be cold and rainy here in Atlanta. I can live with the cold (aching hands and other joints) knowing that my flowers are telling soon it will be unbearably hot and muggy. LOL.

On the knitting front. The bag is coming a long really well. I haven't had much time to commit to it, but I'm about half way on the first side. Also, I'm not too far from finishing my Irish Hiking scarf. It's turning out so pretty. I know I've decided to give it away, but parting with it will be a little hard. ;-)

One more thing. This week my knitting classes have been so much fun. The ladies that I have are something else. But the one thing that they all have in common is that they are just wonderful people, with big hearts and great attitudes. It's really a pleasure to know them. Hopefully soon, I'll have some pictures of the classes to post on here.

Have a great weekend,

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RheLynn said...

Your class sounds like a great place -- I wish there were similar things here in the backwoods ;o) It got down to 5 degrees here in Western Tennessee, which is respectable, even for a Minnesota-born girl.

I love seeing your knitting projects! The saxon braid is so intricate. I really need to blog about my knitting (and not everything else) more.

Have a good day!

Diana said...

What a breath of fresh air to see a flower in bloom! We still have snow on the ground.