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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cables. Aren't they. . .

After surviving another hectic and way too spontaneous for my taste day, I comforted myself in looking forward to the little noise that my needles make, especially when they are about 7 inches from finishing a project. The Saxon Braid scarf is or should I say was about 7 inches from completion. Finally I got home, changed clothes while the coffee ways making, grabbed a cup, grabbed the needles and headed for my spot. It was wonderful, I was on a roll and about an 1 inch to go I see it. A mistake made not long after I had picked the needles up today. So here went the little conversation between the knitting angel and the knitting devil, "frog" "don't frog", "frog" "don't frog." Back and forth, back and forth, until I realized that I could not live with the mistake, it stood out like a zit in the middle of my forehead. So I am not sure which won, but I frogged. Then I realized that I had lost track of what row I was frogging. So after I fixed that little problem and got back on track, determined not to let all that get to me. So I started knitting, feeling good about myself too, until I realized I started on the wrong row, and had knitted about 5 rows. Out they came. Now with all that said. I decided that a glass of wine and a hot bath was what I needed. And it worked, I feel pretty good. The needles are calling out to me, but I am resisting, because I know that clearly my mind isn't in any shape form or fashion able to read a knitting pattern today. ROTFL. Oh yea, now I remember why I stopped knitting cables. LOL


Cathy said...

Bummer about the scarf. I had a similar incident with my socks a couple days ago. The shoulder angels were in full force. I ended frogging. For sanity's sake. I would have gone nuts looking at the mistakes forever.

Knit Diva said...

Sometimes it is best to put it down and give it a "time out"... I have to do that often so I don't just throw it away and retire knitting.. This one sock pattern had me in shambles because the pattern was wrong and I had to shove it in a dark spot until I cooled off and had more patience to conquer the problem..

Don't worry the scarf will get lonely and will be calling your name soon... By then, hopefully it has learned its lesson...hehe Ü