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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Trying to come up with a title

You know, sometimes you just can't come up with a cute little title. And I'm thinking, sometimes is just doesn't matter. I've sat here for about 20 minutes trying to decide what to write and what to title it, till I've gotten a little irritated. LOL.

It seems like a billion years since I wrote anything on this blog, and it's because of how busy I was last week and then taking off for TN. We came home yesterday and I drove 4.5 hours in a heavy down pour of rain, with 18 wheelers flying by me like it was a sunny day. When we got home I had decided I never wanted to drive again. LOL. Until it was time to go to teach my knitting class. LOL. Even then I wasn't too keen on driving. If I could have a wish-a-day, today's wish would be that I made enough money to hire a driver. ;-) (a cute driver, a cute, single driver, a cute, single, buff driver...)

While I was at mom's I got a lot of work done on my son's scarf. The Saxon Braid. It's been on the back burner a little since I've tried to get other projects done for mom, class, etc., but I got about 1o or 11 repeats done and I'm happy about that. I also got some work done on the Irish hiking scarf. I can't wait to get that done and given away. The lady that I'm giving it to seen me knitting on it the other day and fell in love with it. So I am going to surprise her with it, when finished. That will be a lot of fun.

Right now I don't have any pictures to post. I guess I will add that to the list, oh wait, if I do that, it won't get done, because I hate that damn list. LOL.


PlumpKnitter said...

Im glad to know your still around .. I kept checking your blog wondering where the new stuff is *lol* i have done that sat and thought over a stupid title for my post and ends up using something corny hehehe

Cathy said...

There she is! I also struggle with the title thing. It's hard work this blogging stuff. :)