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Friday, February 10, 2006

21 Row Countdown!

Everyone is invited to join in with me on the 21 row countdown for the Saxon Braid Scarf. LOL. This afternoon I had some free time and decided that Mr. Saxon Braid and I were going to have a lovely afternoon. Which we have. Now I'm down to the last 21 rows. I'll more than likely finish it tomorrow and get it blocked. When it's finished and all pretty I'll post a better picture.

Did any one else today receive their Berroco Newsletter? They have several, make that 7 new patterns that go with their Ultra Alpaca. Click here to check them out.

Yesterday I had to take my PT Cruiser in to the car doctor. Since I've been back from TN, it's acted a little ill. Well this afternoon I got the call that it was ready and it wasn't too bad of shape. I thought it was going to have to have new brakes, and new tires, and aligned, etc. But, all it needed was 2 tires and the brakes had glazed (which makes them make that same terrible sound that bad brakes make) and they did their magic to un-glaze the little guys. So it's Friday night, the car is in great shape, ( I still have some money left over) the knitting is going good, I think it's party time!

Have a great weekend,
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Dood said...

love the scarf!! how difficult are cables to knit? is this a dumb question??

Diana said...

The Saxon Braid Scarf is awesome. You are so talented! Gotta find the time to knit one. Give Gunther a kiss on the wet nose from me!

ErLeCa said...

It's absolutely beautiful. You'll be finished with those 21 rows in no time!

Cathy said...

Go, go gadget cable needle! Saxon is looking awesome! Those Berocco patterns are pretty cute surprisingly enough. I normally don't really like Berocco's patterns.