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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's been shipped

This morning, while checking my emails, there it was. The confirmation email that my yarn order is on it's way. I'm so excited. Here's what I'm getting.

Items Shipped--------------------
2 [23695] Grass Essential (for solid socks)
2 [23699] Pumpkin Essential (for solid socks)
4 [23547] Vineyard Simple Stripes (socks and baby top)
2 [23592] Swing Dancing (who knows it looked nice, :-D and on sale)
2 [23589] Two Step Dancing (don't know but it was on sale :-D )

Last night was knitting class, and I hope that the ladies had a good time. I did. There were a few calls where some got their times mixed up, so next week there will be more. We were able to cover, the Cast On and just started the Knit Stitch. Of course there was homework, PRACTICE what we did in class, and go to the book store and look at the knitting books and magazines, if they have a cafe, get a drink, sit down and go through the books that you are interested. Tough stuff. LOL.

Be good to yourself,

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