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Saturday, October 01, 2005

I Had The Best Time!

I'm home from the Demonstration at Hobby Lobby. What a great time. They put a table right in the middle of the walk in area, and I got to sit there and knit and talk. LOL. I met some wonderful women. And what was really cool was talking to some of the older ladies who came by and told me about their mom's and grandmother's knitting. I am so glad that Mike, (the manager) said I could do the demo's anytime, because I'm all ready looking forward to the next one. I will probably do one toward the end of the month for Novembers classes.

This is a cute story. Most of the women are my age, but there is one mother who is sending her daughter to the knitting classes. They walked in and right by me, I spoke, they spoke and then I heard the girl ask her mom if she could learn how to knit. I didn't hear the answer. They went on about their business and when they came back, the mom asked several questions. I answered them and the girl was just so excited. She has LOTS of yarn and is very creative and has wanted to learn to knit for awhile, so her mom said she could. Like lighting, she takes off for the knitting needles and comes back to me with a beautiful pair of bright purple size 8's. She checked with me to make sure they were correct, then Her mom got them for her and you could still feel the excitement from this 11 year old as they left the store. I will keep everyone up on her progress. Hopefully I can get a few pictures for the blog of the class.

For display I took both the MD Scarves, both pair of the Chevron Socks, a shawl that I made about a year ago, before blog time, a man's scarf made about 1 1/2 years ago. the Magic Stripe Socks and the pair I have on needles now and the beginning cuff of the ones on the circulars. I picked things that weren't too over the top, but were within the beginner to intermediate beginner level. (at least I thought so.) (smile) The one item that got the most attention was the MD Scarf made out of the Surf and Turf. Even the men that walked by liked it. I was waiting for someone to offer me some money on it. LOL. (it would have been at a new home tonight if the price was right.)

Speaking of the classes, I'm guessing but it looks like there could be 10-15 there Monday night. Monday's can be a little crazy being the day back to school and work, so we'll see how it goes. There were several requests for more specific classes, so after I left I had about 30 minutes before I had to pick up Sara at work and I kind of put together some ideas about an Intermediate class focusing on stitches and stitch patterns. (cables, bobbles, etc.).

So Monday night 6 - 7:30 (Atlanta time) I'm going to be with a great group of ladies, possibly one man, sharing with them something that has brought so much to our lives. How great is that? I am totally psyched about it.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and having some time to knit.
Blessed Be

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