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Sunday, October 02, 2005

It's the beginning of a whole new sock experience! Honestly though I have put off learning how to do socks on circulars, just because I really enjoy double points and knitting with ALL those little needles. Knitting on double points was the inspiration behind my learning to knit. When I was little I'd seen my great-great grandmother knit socks and I was facinated. Anyway, since I make sssssoooooo many socks I thought what the hay, I'd try something new, see how I liked it, and go from there. I've heard that making socks on circulars is a little faster, so that is a good thing. So sit back and watch as I jump into a new pool of knitting. LOL.  Posted by Picasa

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Knit Diva said...

hehe You will have fun doing them on circulars... I am scared to do them on dpn's...LOL!!!! Can't wait to see them finished... I can't wait to hear about the outcome of your class... Keep us informed!!! Ü