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Friday, September 30, 2005

One almost done

The Surf & Turf Multidirectional scarf is a few fringes away from being completed. (and the crowd roared) I really have enjoyed the multidirectional knitting. There is a shawl that is MD and I have it on my list for up and coming projects. It would be beautiful in Tibetan Silk. (will have to save up for that).

Tomorrow is the demonstration. Right now I'm fighting the butterflies in my stomach. All my life I have loved doing things like this, but the day before I'm a nervous mess. I must be good at hiding it though, because no one can ever tell I'm about to loose what's on my stomach. LOL. Maybe it's true, when you smile a lot nobody knows what you are really up to. :-)

Awhile back I went through a little bump in the road with a few "friends" of mine that thought I was only good for dumping on and supplying the wine while they whined. Well I have an update on one of them. When I confronted her about what she was doing and how it was effecting me I told her that if you don't like how your life is, you are the only one that can make it change. Telling me about it doesn't even make you feel better, it just continues the process. So it's been a couple of weeks since I've heard from her, then last night I got a call. She has made a change. She put her house up for sale, quit her job, and is going to move to Asheville, NC and pursue some of her artist dreams. I'm so happy for her. Besides, I will now have a place to stay when I go up there. (smile) But, she said that her biggest problem was the fear to do what she really wanted and to follow her desires. And that she got so unhappy here, that she had no choice but to make a change. Sometimes we all get to that place don't we?

May you have wonderful knitting moments and the gift of accepting the changes in your life,
Blessed Be

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Knit Diva said...

Good Luck on your demonstration. I know you will do GREAT!!! Let us know how it went..

The scarf looks beautiful!!! That yarn does wonderful pattern schemes... Every project comes out differently..

Satori said...

Thank you, I really enjoy knitting with the Surf and Turf. I think I'll make one of the MD hats out of what I have left to go with the scarf.