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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fun Information

Are you an info nut? I found on the Knitter's Review web site some great information about knitters. What they have done is take the results of their polls (which I love to do) and created a web page about us. Here is the link. .

Well time is getting close to the classes at Hobby Lobby. So far I there are about 8 ladies signed up. Saturday I have a demonstration from 10-2. Hopefully there will be some more sign up from that. I am so excited about all of it. There has been one down side. Since I give away almost everything that I knit, I've had to really dig to find items to have display. LOL. What I have been doing is printing out photos and making a knitting journal/photo album so they can flip through it and see my work. It's not as great as actually seeing and touching the item, but will have to do.

It's lunch time and the break is over. Off to work I go. Hope you have a wonderful day!
Blessed Be

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