Smoky Mountain Colors

Monday, September 12, 2005

Puppy News & Knitting News

I called Jay today to see when he was going to be home tomorrow so I could get my Gunther fix. Well, guess what. He was taking all the puppies in to get their check up before they go to their new homes. If they got a clean bill of health he was going to start letting them go THIS FRIDAY! A week early.

So while I was out buying puppy stuff I ran into Hobby Lobby. I found more of the TLC yarn for the multidirectional scarf, the blue and brown for the fringe and 2 skiens of Lion brand sock yarn. Now that was pretty good because it was all on sale and I got 7 skeins of yarn and it was under $20.00. But in the check out the Manager recognized me and asked me how my knitting was going and we just chatted a little, then he asked me if I would be interested in teaching some beginning knitting classes. I jumped on that. That would be the perfect supplement right now since my other business is just maintaining.

Tonight I've got a bottle of wine in celebration! Taking back my life and controlling my time, getting Gunther early and a new job is worth a big celebration! Thanks to all the wonderful knitters out there who have shared their support. You all are the greatest.


Noeysmommy said...

Congratulations! I would love to take a class from you! Too bad I don't live near by!

Knit Diva said...

That is so AWESOME!!!! I planned on going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow because of their sale...hehe can't wait..

Diana said...

Congratulations! I think getting Gunther a week early and an offer to teach knitting classes requires a two-bottle minimum wine purchase!

Satori said...

LOL I decided to continue the celebration through the weekend. WAY over do for it.