Smoky Mountain Colors

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Life's ups and downs

Since I have been back from Tennessee there have been a few good things going on, but it seems like many things I have set my hands to do have not worked out. Then today I found out that the family reunion may not happen. The timing was interesting because I stayed up late last night and worked on the "reunion" shawl, only to find this morning that I had made a big mistake about 8 rows back. So I did something that I don't usually do. I didn't start unraveling it, I laid it down, and found another shawl pattern and started another one. When my heart break is over from the mistake and I will fix it and continue it.

The new shawl pattern I started is the Kiri Shawl. There is a link to All Tangled Up where I found it under my favorite blogs. Since I ordered extra of the lace yarn I'm using for the other shawl, I thought I'd just use it for this too.

Over the holiday weekend I will have a lot of time to knit. I hope you will too. Have a wonderful, fun and safe holiday.


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