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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Gifts From The Heart

Back when I first started this blog I talked about what an amazing feeling it is to make something and then give it as a gift. The knitter gets to use their creative self, and has a wonderful sense of accomplishment when through and they get to give something away to someone special. That person then feels like a million because of the thought and time and skill you put into your work. Well tonight I had another experience that touched my heart.

A very dear friend of mine, had knee replacement surgery back when they first started doing them, and it had worn out and needed replaced again. I had known about her surgery for awhile and had some yarn in her favorite "North Carolina" blue. So I made her a comfort shawl. (A very quick and yet beautiful shawl) I wanted her to have it when she woke up out of surgery, I made it extra big so it could be like a blanket too. So when she went into surgery yesterday I went to the hospital and stayed with her husband, they have no children and gave him the shawl to give her. Tonight when I went in her room she was asleep, that 8 minute morphine drip was working. But, what caused me to cry a little was that here is the strong woman, a 5th degree black belt in an extremely difficult martial art where there are not many woman at all, and she had that shawl wrapped around her and the extra she was holding onto with her arms wrapped around it like a hug.

As I was about to leave the nurse came in and woke her, so I stayed and visited for a little while. She thanked me over and over and said it was the most beautiful shawl she had ever seen and it was just what she needed. She said it was the softest thing she had ever felt.

When I left that little act of kindness brought our friendship closer than it's ever been and again, I felt that amazing warmth that you get when you have touched someone's heart & soul.

Blessed Be

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