Smoky Mountain Colors

Sunday, July 03, 2005


This morning I was bouncing around the internet and I found this web site that has the cutest footies. Here is the link Mom's Fast Florida Footies . I have some Moda Dea sock yarn that I think would make these up really cute. One thing that I really like about these footies, it the photo of them. You would think most footies would be in a white or solid color and these aren't. Very cool. So now have the first 7 rows done.

While I was casting on for the footies, I realized that maybe why I have been kind of down in the dumps and sort of feeling like I was wandering around without purpose is that I didn't have several knitting projects going. I was putting so much pressure on myself about the reunion shawl that I hadn't started anything else. So now I have learned a great knitting lesson. It's good to have some intense knitting and some light hearted knitting going on. It balances you out mentally. Now I know that I NEED to have either socks or a hat going on at all times. LOL. (I am pretty good at rationalizing.)

Have a great day!

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