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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Last I Remember...

  Well the last I remember it was the first part of March. I had just posted my Foothills Sock  and my daughter and I had a trip to New Orleans planned. Along with that my mom had been hospitalized twice, my uncle passed away and my great-aunt has had a very serious stroke. A lot to handle, YES, can it be done, YES.

  So where do I start?

Let's just talk about the happy things. New Orleans was AMAZING! This is a city that you much experience for yourself. I am serious about this. We were treated so well, and everyone that we came in contact with was so kind and friendly. The city kind of reminds me of a big city on a limited amount of land. There is something to do every minute of the day, and the food industry there is nothing like I have ever experienced. My daughter, (Sara) got to meet the Executive Chef for Emeril's New Orleans, and got a full tour of where she will be working. She is so excited and I am for her also. She has a place to live and April 5th, we will be moving her down there. The apartments are so nice. River Garden Apartments on St. Andrews. Now that has it's own set of problems since the original plans got changed. So we are looking for someone to drive down there with us. Long story. Anyway, the Tuesday evening we were there, the chef invited us for dinner. We were treated so well. I have never seen a dinner service so on point. We sat at the chef's bar, looking into the kitchen being able to watch everything that was cook and watching the back kitchen staff. What an amazing experience. If you would like to see some fantastic photos of the restaurant , menu, staff, etc check out this link. Emeri's New Orleans.

  Creatively New Orleans was such an inspiration. So many artists there, and new ideas. On this next trip down there I hope to spend a little more time talking to the local artists and hanging out in the yarn shops.

While all this has been going on I've been expanding my hand dyeing skills. Mixed Berries & Cream and Bermuda are just a couple of the new techniques and colorways to come. I really appreciate the women who have willing and graciously shared what they have learned but more important I appreciate and am so grateful that these women love to share their knowledge in hopes that you will take what they have learned and make it your own, and turn it into "your own". Our talents and gifts will never grow and they will die with us, unless we share them, unless we plant those seeds into someone elses dreams.  (soap box warning, LOL) These ladies do not have a heart of competition, but a giving heart because they are confident in what they do, and what they know. 

  So off I go to start an evening of dyeing. The coffee is ready and the music is rockin'.

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