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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Foothills Sock

The Foothills Sock is now available on  Ravelry and  SmokyMountainColors. I have to thank Cristi for the inspiration for the sock with the Twisted Edge. It's awesome. Here is a link for you to check out her wonderful knitted items. .

Now how about a little catch up. :-)

It's been way too long and I have really missed blogging. But, I now have a good reason for updating and loading you all with photos. This afternoon I am headed with my daughter to New Orleans where she will be working at Emeril's. One of Emeril Lagasse's restaurants. Also I have to brag on my son, he is getting so close to his dream of being in the military. He has lost 60 lbs. He looks so great, and he is so healthy, loosing the weight the right way. 

Right after I published the Foothills sock everything got crazy. Also going on at this time is my mom's health has declined and she has been pretty sick. I had to take her to the hospital Friday. We missed her brother's funeral because of it. So you can see, I have had my hands full. The good news is that I have some yarn that is waiting to get dyed. A few of you have requested a colorway that will be the first one I do. As soon as they are dry, you will get an email from me. You know who you are :-)

I have an update about the Foothills Sock. A friend of mine who is also a indie dyer, MoonT of Moon Holler (you can find her on Etsy and on Ravelry) is knitting my sock in some of her beautiful hand dyed. Check it out. I think it's amazing and refreshing when women can support each other. There is truly room for all of us and all our gifts and dreams.

I have a few new things for you on SmokyMountainColors. First off there is a new coupon code. The first Monday of every month use FIRSTMONDAY to get 20% off. Another code is for FREE shipping between March 9-15. Since these are the dates I'm in New Orleans, everything will be shipped when I get home. MARCH915 . 

Thank you for your patience and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking a minute to stop and read my blog. You are great!

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