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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hello April, I'm so glad you are here.

For some reason when it turns April 1, it really feels to me like it's Spring. I guess it's more official. Around Gatlinburg and the Mountains, the dogwoods are blooming and all the trees and flowers are amazing. It has to be the prettiest Spring that I have ever seen. There's the price tag of watery eyes, and allergies, but for some crazy reason mine hasn't been too bad this year.
This past week I've not been knitting as much as I have been spinning. Trust me I'm not complaining, but I'm starting to pressure myself into finishing my projects. Spinning is playing and I love to play. :-) One of the projects I want to finish is the cover to my Kindle. I'm making it with Mini Mochi and I LOVE this yarn.

Another great April happening is that my son will be 23 on Friday the 6th. I am so proud of him. Yes, I know that, that is what mom's do, but this year I have watched him face situations that are totally out of his comfort zone and he handled them much better than I would have at his age. Then Sunday is Easter. Both my kids are working, but that is what we do in a customer service/tourism area. It's just that way. What I'm happy about is that we don't feel bad or hostile about it, we know the picture is much bigger than us. So many people are having hard times right now and when you get a chance to make someone smile or feel important, that's such a blessing. 90% of the time the people we deal with here are visitors. Coming to the Smoky Mountains for a wonderful time off, vacation, get-away. They want to have a great experience and wonderful memories, we can help make that happen, isn't that awesome? This is one lesson that has stuck with my kids, and I am grateful.

So can you believe that in just a few weeks Stitches South will be happening? I missed last year and it was horrible. I missed my friends so much. I wanted to knit something to wear, but that idea is now filed in the file titled "Road of Good Intentions." LOL

Before I close I have to mention that my "bestie" Barbara is celebrating her birthday this month too. I have to go on record and share with you all how our long distance friendship keeps me going sometimes. She started out many years ago as my Barista at Starbucks where I lived in GA. Then we became friends. Her boyfriend is my Great Dane's breeder. Then she became my knitting student, and now she's what every woman needs in a best friend. All I can say is that I hope her birthday is filled with all the happiness and love that she deserves and thank heavens for text messaging.
Happy Birthday Barbara.

Ok, so it's time to head out. My little break and share is done. I had a great cup of coffee and I hope you have a great day.

Be Blessed

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