Smoky Mountain Colors

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Women of Fiber

Don't you think that 99.9% of the women who work with fiber are AWESOME? I wish it was 100% but you know there is always a few. LOL.

There has not been a time in all the years that I have been knitting that when I had a question or needed a kind word or a straight answer that it wasn't right there. What an amazing group of women. I am truly blessed to have these women in my life. And what about the women I've never met face to face, but stay in contact with through blogs, ravelry, etc. We are never really alone, because these ladies are amazing at taking time out of their busy days to stay in touch and share of their experiences. Many blessings to them.

Tonight my prayer is that we all take some time to be grateful for our fiber friends & family. Keep them in your thoughts and hold them close in your heart.


diana said...

I always think about you and your family (Gunther, too). You and your family have been through so many changes. Is your daughter in college? If I remember correctly, she loved to bake.

Satori said...

We sure have been through the changes. ;-) My daughter is in Culinary School. We love her homework. LOL. Gunther is doing well, he's 5 years old and still thinks that he's a puppy.

How are you and your family? And a Happy Birthday to you.