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Saturday, August 29, 2009

more pictures

It's been a beautiful day here in GA. today and it started out cool and foggy. That was at 4:30a. Now it's a little humid, a lot warmer, but bright and sunny. There is just a little bit of Fall in the air. We actually have trees that are starting to turn.

So I've been knitting and working on my Photoshop certification today and thought I'd add some more of my knitting photos to the blog.

Here's something that I started last night. Its called a Circle Cloth. Of course I found it on Ravelry. Since I had a huge, and I mean huge, skein of cotton, I thought it would make a really pretty dishcloth and I'm not disappointed. This pattern would be good for other things like lap-ghans, baby blankets, hand towels, etc.

Ok, lets go back 40+ years to when I was learning to knit. My first project was a yellow and white, two strand pair of slippers. Yup, very similar to these. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was knitting these. At times I had some of the best memories of my Grandma, and us knitting. I wish she could see all that I have knitted. Her few hours of teaching me has brought a world of joy and happiness to me that nothing can compare.

Another pattern found on Ravelry. I made these slippers out of Simply Soft left overs. Its a wonderful pattern for using up scraps, and ends.

Here is the final shots on the Vortex Shawl/Blanket. I just got on a run and decided that I'd keep knitting till there was no more room on the 60" circulars.

Well, it's back to some studying. Have a wonderful weekend.
Blessed be


Julie said...

Your slipper pattern is the same one my mama taught me at least 30 years ago. It's the only thing I can knit too. I have the pattern embedded in my head and have made a few pairs. I love your projects and your pictures. Keep up the great work.

Satori said...

Thank you for all the kind words.