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Friday, May 22, 2009

Hemlock Ring Blanket FINISHED!!!

I'm really excited about finishing this blanket. You know how there are some patterns that you just "click" with? Well this is one of them for me. With that said, I have to say that I am not that happy with how it blocked, but that is because I used an inexpensive yarn instead anything close to what it called for. The person who is getting this, needed something that can be washed a lot and durable for a little rough handling. Using expensive yarn was not an option. Anyway, it looks wonderful, she will love it. (I'm just picky, or at least I've been told that. :-) )

Last night I took a few pictures of it. The lighting in the room was horrible so the colors are not true, but you can get the jest of it. The center is a buttercup color, then a light blue, (kind of like NC's blue) and then white.

If you are interested in the pattern here is a link. Brooklyn Tweed, also, there is a Group on Yahoo. There you can find an extended version of the chart to give you another few rounds.

Ok, now for the pictures....

One more thing, about this blanket. When I was 4 rows away from finishing. I messed up on the count and didn't catch it until I was done with 600 stitches. The whole row needed to come out. My heart dropped. I was on a roll and then I got in a hurry and messed up. The thoughts of taking those stitches out brought a wave and frustration and PO at myself. I put the blanket down and didn't even look at it until the next morning. When I picked it up, I knew that I needed to slow down, take my time and get back into the zone I had created. This blanket and I had a relationship. So I got a cup of coffee, sat at the table and started, stitch by stitch. I found the mistake about 3 inches from the beginning of that row. By changing my attitude, I actually enjoyed the silence of the house, that calm rhythm I had going and my coffee. Taking those stitches out became relaxing and then knitting the row correctly was no problem. Everything to that point had been so smooth. Now I have a story when I look at that blanket. Something more to remember it by, a personal experience between us. It was a blessing for me.

Blessed Be

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Hockey Mom said...

Very pretty! I've got that one queued up, some day I'll get to it.

Isn't it amazing what a difference taking a break can make in the experience? I need to remember that myself.