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Monday, April 27, 2009

Pictures from Stitches South 2009 Atlanta

STITCHES South 2009 Atlanta
We had such a great time. We saw some beautiful yarn and talked to so many people. My daughter and one of my knitting students went with me and since it was our first time to Stitches we oogled over everything. LOL. I don't think that they had ever seen so much yarn in one place. ;-)
Well let me take you through the pictures.

This is a closeup of Tradewinds by Creataively Dyed Yarn. Color: Java. it's 100% superwash merino. 500 yards of beauty. You can find her on Ravelry also. Her user name is Creative, and she has a group. Here is her link.

Here's the full hank picture. I got the ball winder out this morning and while I had my morning coffee I got this all ready. Now I have to find the perfect pattern.

This is called Rick Rack by Interlacements. It's 1200 yards and hand dyed by Judy L. Ditmore. It's 100% Rayon which I've not used before, but they had a shawl made up in this and it was breath taking. So this is shawl bound.

This is the full shot of the yarn.

Break time with the goodies. Just behind were we were sitting was The Knit Witch's booth. I had a great time there.
On the way out Victoria wanted a picture by the socks. Though we got in a little trouble for it, we still got the shot. LOL. OOOOOPPPPPS!

This is my daughter Sara and me leaving. I didn't want to go. But my feet and wallet insisted. They just didn't seem to have a sense of humor.

And here are the "girls" Victoria and Sara. They had a ball. I am so glad that I had a little part in opening up more of the knitting world to them. They are great knitters and great women.

So that was our Market Day together.

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