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Friday, September 14, 2007

No pictures yet

Let me start out with what we've been up to. We've been traveling, knitting, worrying about Truman, working and joining Avon.

We went up and spend about a week with my mom in TN. It was wonderful. We went to a county fair and had the best time. Can you believe that I had never taken my kids to a county fair. We don't have them around here. GA has a state fair and I think that's about it. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. We also went to a little drug store that had the soda fountain / restaurant in it. I can't even begin to tell you how good the food was. And the people had to be some of the most friendly people I've ever met. I got to go to the craft area of Gatlinburg and visit spinners and knitters and came away with no purchases. But plenty of ideas and a few job offers.

Then it was back to reality. Truman is now on his third round of antibiotics. For those of you who don't know who Truman is, he is my 5.5 month old Great Dane puppy. He has a serious infection located between his vertebra's. Though it's getting better, it's not getting better fast enough of me, or the vet. We'll decide after this next round of meds what our next step will be.

Avon. Well my cousin has sold Avon and made a really good living for herself. I really hadn't paid much attention to it until I was up at mom's and see ever thing they offered, and seen their prices. Even paying full price I could cut what I spend on makeup, facial cleansers, moisturizers, shower gels, nail color and shampoo by 3/4s. Yes, you read that correctly, I can have my bathroom full of goodies for a quarter of what I am now paying. And the stuff is good stuff. I use the mineral foundation ( I use a lot of natural products) that you see on tv or at ULTA, and Avon's Mineral Foundation is less than half of what I pay. So I talked to my cousin and it only cost $10 to sign up. So I'm really excited. Here is my Avon website. . Please go buy something LOL. Actually I would like to do this full time, but I gotta start somewhere. Oh and they also sale clothes, handbags, undies and all kinds of jewelry. I gotta tell you if I can shop from one catalog or one website and get it all done, I am there!

Now for knitting. I have for some reason gotten the bug to knit Tams. I've got three made all ready and ordered the yarns for my next one. I'm going to start making fair isle tams for gifts. Hell, I make sale them. Anyway, I'll have pictures of those soon. I've also made a few more washcloths. I love making those. While up at mom's I realized that it's about time to get both of the scarves that I started last year out and get those bad boys off the needles.

So be patient with me pictures are coming soon!


Diana said...

It's difficult to think about a pet being sick and on his third round of antibiotics. I hope the third time works as a charm for him.

I'm glad you had a wonderful time visiting your mom!

Erin said...

I hope Truman gets better. I know how difficult it is having sick pets. I've definitely been there! I'll be thinking about him.

Knit Diva said...

Hey maybe we can knit the Tams together. Wendy and I have thrown around the idea of making one together...

I hope Truman is feeling better. And as Avon goes, I love avon... I absolutely LOVE their fingernail polish...hehe Can't beat Avon... Ü