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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Knitting, Stuff and More Stuff

Finally I have pictures.

Last year I bought some beautiful sport weight hemp and made soap pouches out of it for gifts. Well while I have been on this washcloth kick I remembered that I had some left over so off to the stash I went. And I had just enough for this washcloth. It's my own pattern and I will post it soon. Well actually I'll post it as soon as I figure out a way that I can either add a page or start another blog for just my patterns. (any suggestions or help in this area would be great appreciated). I'm going to name this washcloth pattern after one of my students. LOL. She'll know it when she sees it.

Then in an email from Knitting Daily I seen this book. I had to have it even though I had promised myself I had enough knitting books to last me a life time and I wouldn't really purchase anymore for awhile. I just had to have this book. I have a lot of family members that are very much into Eastern culture, martial arts and Eastern Philosophy. Knitting them kimonos will be the perfect gifts for them. I can't wait to pick one and get started on it.

Back in the Spring I started another Fair Isle Felted bag. Well finally I got off my ass and finished and got it felted this week. It didn't turn out as nice as I had hoped, but that's what I get for getting in a hurry.

here it is before felting

Now I have to pack a few OTN projects to take to Tennessee with me. The kids and I are leaving in a few days for mom's. Hopefully I have some quiet days of knitting in the Smoky Mountains ahead of me.

Blessed Be


PlumpKnitter said...

I think your bag turned out great.. I love the design..
and your book Knit Kimono.. I kept staring at it in the bookstore debating if I should splurge and buy it or not.. unfortunately I didnt..but now I keep thinking I should have.. I love kimono's..I think they are so nice to wear..hmmm i might be going back to the bookstore *lol*

Diana said...

The design on your bag is beautiful. Did you design it?

Have a great time in Tennessee with your mom and kids. By the way, how is T? I should go check out Gunther's blog.

Knit Diva said...

I think that would be a wonderful idea for a new blog for your patterns. And, you can always link it on your main blog.. I would love to have that pattern. I think that is a great idea for the Holidays.

I have been eyeing up the Kimono Book myself. Ü

I hope you have a wonderful time at your mom's house. Enjoy your time with your family... Ü

*Rae* said...

Your bag is goregous I love it the pattern is pretty great job