Smoky Mountain Colors

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Yup, I frogged the Black Purl sock. But it's ok, I started them again immediately and I love them even more now. I was using size 2 needles and when I tried the sock on I didn't like how it fit. SO, I frogged, changed needle sizes and like magic it's working out much better.

Now for the ribbon scarf. I have a student who started running out of time on getting her scarf done so I took it to finish for her. Here are some pictures of it. She is doing the alternate pattern that I wrote. The pictures don't do the ribbon justice, because it's more of a pale pink with a dark green and black.

If you happen to have a Hobby Lobby around this is the yarn she is using. It's really beautiful.


~~R~~ said...

Great scarf love the colors

Diana said...

So if I send Salina to you, will you finish it? (just kidding) I think it's funny that you're finishing someone's knitting. I have a few things that are in desperate need of attention.