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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Trust me, I'm knitting

I really have been knitting. There are no pictures, but I have been knitting, I promise. I've even been trying to work on my drop spindle. LOL. So even without pictures I thought I better get on here and say a few things.

Right now I have two pair of socks on needles. The Blue socks that I started in 2006 out of the Senso, cotton/wool thread are just about finished. I have a little part of the foot and toe to finish up. And of course my new favorites the Aran Twist. I'm not happy with my yarn choice for these socks, not that the yarn is bad, but that the self stripping on the yarn is bad for this pattern. But, 1, the yarn was out of my stash and 2. I couldn't wait, I had to start them. With that said I love this pattern and I can't wait to find the perfect sock yarn for my next pair.

I have been thinking about picking the Oregon Vest back up and getting it finished. Actually I need it. LOL. I am so looking forward to wearing it.

Also about to hit the needles is my next Fair Isle Felted Tote. I am picking out the yarn and have a Spring pattern for my Spring Fair Isle. It will be a lot of fun to make. It's another project that I am really looking forward to jumping into .

Things right now seem to be so out of wack in my house. I'm working hard and am feeling like the harder I work the more I'm drowning. Yuck. I'm working at putting a knitting demonstration together so I'm making samples and writing things out. It's coming a long ok but it could be better. I also plan on teaching a sock class, but can't find the right place to have it. Hobby Lobby has no open time for a sock class or any other class. So I called a few other places around here. Some of these places want to charge me the same as they would a wedding reception. Forget that sh**. I guess too there is a lot of transition going on in my house right now and that makes the Libra (me) all out of it. My scales are tipped. I think this evening will be cocktail time for me. Maybe if I join in with the tip I won't feel so out of it. LOL.

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Diana said...

Oh yes, another fair isle. I'm going to start another one in February.